The Future of Digital Marking

Simplifying Electrical Installations

Simplewire is on a mission to revolutionize marking of electrical installations, making it easier and more efficient.

Joyful Simplewire team embraces in celebration after winning the Danish Tech Challenge 2021, surrounded by cheering supporters. A moment of triumph, unity, and shared success.

Digitalizing Tradition: Simplewire's Journey in Electrical Labeling

Simplewire is a pioneering company that has transformed the electrical marking industry. With a rich history, starting from its foundation to the present day, Simplewire has achieved numerous milestones and continues to evolve, providing innovative solutions for electrical installations.

Simplewire team on the Danish Tech Challenge 2021 stage, receiving a 500,000 kroner prize, accompanied by, at the time, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.
The people behind

Meet Our Team

Get to know the core team members of Simplewire.

Portrait image featuring Simplewire's Chief Commercial Officer, Peter Tune.
Peter Tune
Portrait image featuring Simplewire's Chief Technology Officer, Dennis True.
Dennis True
Portrait image featuring Simplewire's Chief Executive Officer, Sasha Beck.
Sasha Beck

Trusted by industry leading companies

Image of CEO Sasha Beck, visiting the production factory in China.

Transforming Electrical Installations with Innovation

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