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Easy overview of complex

electrical installations.

Easy to install, maintenance and hassle-free digital solutions for
effectively marking electrical installations, once and for all...

What is Simplewire

Simplewire is smart tagging of electrical installations. Smart labelling guarantees that installations are always correctly labelled and at the same time eliminates a cumbersome and outdated solution.

When electrical installations are marked with physical labels, the risk of human error is so great that there is probably no correctly marked installation. In addition, the physical marking deteriorates considerably over time and is costly and unmanageable to maintain.

With Simplewire solution, you never have to put physical tags on electrical installations again. Marking lives in installation and can be read anywhere along a wire, instead of just being available where labels are applied.


How it works

Simplewire uses a frequency-modulated signal to distribute the ID of the fuses throughout the installation. This means that you can identify the installation's affiliation at every place in a building. This applies to the entire length of the cable, at branching points and at every type of termination, e.g. sockets or lamp sockets.

With the simple, central solution, human errors and the need for operation are minimised.

The ID of the fuses can be scan by a scanner anywhere in the installation. The scanner is a dedicated battery-powered device for reading.

The scanner identifies the installation's affiliation and the distance to the scan installation. This can be done for one or more cables.

The setup of the controller is handled via a web-based application, where the user can name each individual group in the board. In case of expansion, replacement or another change to the system, the existing setup is easily updated via the same application.

Main benefits

Quick setup

Easy to use


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