Revolutionizing Electrical Installations With Digital Marking

Simplewire is the innovative solution that transforms traditional electrical marking into a digital experience. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to efficiency and accuracy.

Digital Marking by Simplewire

Effortlessly Integrate Our Product For Seamless Operations

Our product for facilities offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for integrating digital labels into electrical installations. With its seamless integration capabilities, you can streamline your operations and eliminate the hassle of traditional marking methods.

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Discover the Power of Simplewire's Digitalized Marking Solutions

A GIF illustrating how traditional labeling is unreliable, as stickers age and will eventually fall off.

Manual Labeling Is Unreliable, Expensive And A Remedy Of The Past

Marking electrical installations is done by putting up physical stickers on all or most electrical equipment. This method is unreliable as stickers tend to fall of, however until now this has been the only option on the market.

A GIF illustrating how Simplewire adds a signal to a wire, making it scannable by the Simplewire scanner tool.

Digitize Your Installations with Simplewire's Marking Solutions

Simplewire's innovative products digitizes the entire installation be sending out a digital ID on all cables and other electric eqipment, making it easier for both facilities and electricians to navigate their installations.

A Gif illustrating a full Simplewire installation, making it easy to identify electrical outlets with the scanner tool.

Enhance Efficiency and Accuracy with Simplewire's Marking Solutions

Our marking solutions help reduce errors and improve productivity, ensuring a seamless electrical installation process.

Discover Our Innovative Electrical Solution

Simplify your electrical installations with our cutting-edge products.

Transforming Electrical Installations with Simplewire's Innovative Solutions

Discover the key benefits of using SimpleWire's products, including time savings, improved accuracy, and enhanced safety.

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Time Savings

Simplify your electrical installations and reduce time-consuming and unnecessary manual processes with Simplewire's advanced technology.

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Ensure precise electrical solutions and minimize errors with SimpleWire's reliable and intuitive products.

Used by industry leading companies

Simplify Your Electrical Installations Today

Discover how our digital labeling solutions can streamline your electrical projects and improve efficiency.

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